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High quality goalkeepers kit
Original Reno World's All Stars Team

Pictured left to right: standing: Jose Luis Paez Argentina, James Taylor England, Sergio Silva Portugal, To Neves Portugal, Carlos Lopez Argentina, Front row: Sebastien Landrin France, Bjorn Mauer Switzerland, Mirko Bertolucci Italy, Olivier Gelebert France, Alexandro Bertolucci Italy.

Reno, Spain recently celebrated their 75th Birthday and it shows in the quality of their goalkeeper equipment, which is made using only the finest materials. Latest design and made to FIRS specification, both the gloves and leg guards are produced in one size only. Both Aitor Egurrola & Sergi Fernandez of FC Barcelona and Spain, wear Reno kit. So order yours today and get practising!

Reno Professional goal keeper gloves and leg guards


Professional Model - The latest new designs from Reno. Extensive research has gone into the production to make the gloves and leg guards the lighest on the market. High density rubber inner linings give maximum rebound and the tough outer covers in vinyl are made to last. The gloves are very comfortable and the leg guards have a flexible boot cover for extra manoeuvrability. Choose from Red Broken Glas  Black Hockey Bones shown above or Dark all black. These cool designs mark a new era in style for the professional goal keeper!

Gloves Professional one size
Leg guards Professional one size


Reno Exel model - An economically mid priced range of goal keeper gloves and leg guards. The Exel models, styled on the best selling ‘Professional’ range are competitively priced, long lasting and give excellent rebound characteristics. Available in blue/green Alien and black/red Wall. Both shown below.
Gloves senior/junior £199.00         intermediate, minor or pre minor sizes £185.00
Leg guards senior/junior £199.00 intermediate, minor or pre minor sizes £185.00

Reno Exel goal keeper gloves and leg guards

Supreme Model - Professional - An all new concept design from Reno. Combining leather with high density rubber, gives the new equipment superior rebound on the glove pad and leg guards. The left hand glove pad has an added layer of rubber, enabling you to target the ball rebound where you want it to go! Completely redesigned leg guards benefit from double boot cover straps and an extra locking mechanism to keep the guards from moving on the leg. Supreme is the ultimate in keepers kit, very strong and built to last. If you want the best go Supreme .Stocked in all black. Pictured below.

Gloves Supreme one size
Leg guards Supreme one size


Reno Supreme glovesReno Supreme leg guards
Reno Keepers bag


5 Compartment trolley bag - The updated new medium sized Reno bag. Stores everything the modern goalkeeper needs. The bag comes with a rigid base, so no more wet kit ! Heavy guage nylon material,wheels with bearings and very strong zips. If you want the best then get Reno. Available in red, navy blue, blue and black. Size approx: 77 x 33 x 50cm. Pictured above.



New Reno T90 keepers bag


Reno 6 compartment T90 wheelie bag - All new for 2015 and priced at an unbeatable £59.00. The bag has a large central zippered compartment, with additional top pocket. 2 large end pockets, one suitable for helmet storage. 2 side pocket, one of which is webbing to hold wet kit!

The bag also has a lifting handle on each end in addition to the pull out handle. Colour blue/light blue/black/silver. Dimensions 90 x 40 x 46.



Lux Professional chest pad

All new Luxury keepers strong chest pad. Benefits include over sized shoulder pads, large flexi frontal area to absorb the hardest shots, tough upper arm ptorectors, padded collar area & back. The luxury material is finished in black/blue with Reno gold logo. All sizes stocked.



Reno Lux goal keeper equipment



Lux elbow pads - New to Slapshot these luxury goal keeper elbow pads are fullly flexible with a rigid elbow cup. Top all round protection to the elbow and front fore/upper arm. Black with gold Reno embroidery. All sizes. Pictured above left.


Lux padded shorts - New to Slapshot these luxury goal keeper padded shorts have armadillo style padding which gives added protection to the base of the spine, hips and thighs. Extremely comfortable to wear, lightweight stretch lycra fabric. Not to be confused with Ice hockey products these shorts are made specifically for roller hockey. Black with Reno gold embroidery. All sizes available. Pictured above.


Lux thigh, knee, shin protectors - New to Slapshot these luxury goal keeper leg protectors have tough padding which gives good protection to both keepers thighs, knees and shins. Made from a lightweight stretch lycra fabric, the comfortable fit ensures full flexibility of movement. A new product made specifically for roller hockey. Black colour with Reno gold embroidery. All sizes stocked. Pictured above right.

Reno Lux neckguard and gloves

Lux neck and collar guard - black with featured Reno logo. A comfortable padded neck guard with added collar protection and comfortable velcro fastening. All sizes stocked. Pictured above left.


Lux padded inner gloves - The gloves have padded fingers and backs, so no more skinned knuckles. Colour all black, senior sizes. Pictured above right.


FIRS Approved goalkeeper equipment from the new Roller One company. Each item is handmade in Portugal from the finest materials and to exceptionally high technical specification. Used by the national teams of France and Brazil amongst others.
Roller One keepers gloves & leg guards

Roller one Potenza - The very latest in goal keeper equipment from Portugal. 3 layers of foam combine to make for excellent ball rebound and product longevity. The leather covered foot allows the keeper to manoeuvre around the goal area with ease! Available from stock in all black as shown above, other colours to order.



Potenza gloves Senior/junior





Potenza leg guards Senior/junior



Colombo Reaction goal keeper chest pad

Colombo Reaction Pro chest pad

All new Italian design super tough keepers chest pad in black/grey. Benefits include over sized shoulder pads, large flexi frontal area to absorb the hardest shots, tough upper arm protectors, padded collar area & back. A top quality product at a very competitive price. Small size only.

meneghini Im[act professional leg guards

meneghini Impact Professional leg guards - New design black/white professional keepers leg guards, produced with dense internal rubbers giving exellent ball rebound. The reinforced leather covered foot allows good slide and lastability. Top straps are all Click action with added shin cover for correct fixing. Senior/junior size stocked Medium to order.


meneghini goakeeper equipment



meneghini inner gloves  - Black top quality re-inforced keepers inner gloves with extra knuckle protection. All sizes.

Pictured top left.


meneghini Impact professional chest pad - Made from top quality impact resistant materials. The chest pad has oversized shoulder protection, coupled with upper arm padding. The frontal chest area has a moveable bottom flap for comfort. All sizes available. Pictured above center.

ht stretch lycra fabric, the comfortable fit ensures full flexibility of movement. A new product made specifically for roller hockey. Dark blue colour. Junior/senior size in stock.


meneghini Impact padded shorts - The shorts are made using a stretch lycra fabric, with padded panels to offer maximum protection. The stretch lycra fit ensures full flexibility of movement. A new product made specifically for roller hockey. Black with yellow detail. XL, Large, medium and Small sizes stocked. Shown top right.


meneghini goalkeeper neck guard - Dark blue simple keepers neck guard with comfortable velcro fastening. Sizes Large senior or Medium. Not shown



Arquer Elbow Pads - For both Keeper and rink player, the softer padding allows a degree of protection and good flexibility of movement. Colours blue, red or new black. Pictured in gloves & pads




Leg Guard Straps - Reno or TVD long straps £6.00 each.


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