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Reno ball


Reno FIRS 155g match Ball - Excellent quality match ball, stocked in blue. Approved for use in the Spanish league and FIRS events.



Roll Skater Super Match Ball - Italian brand match ball. Available in colours shown below.


Match hockey balls

toestops etc

TVD and Reno DAC toe stops

Boiani Pair Toe Stops - Screw in toe stops from Boiani to fit most skate plates with adjustable stoppers. In stock white.



Reno Pair Toe Stops - Hockey toe stops to fit all screw in skate frames. New colours in stock, Yellow, blue and rubber.



Azemad hockey toe stops


Azemad hockey toe stops - New long lasting toe stops from Azemad Portugal. Pictured above. Call for current colours


Roll Line hockey toe stops


Roll Line Pair Professional Hockey Toe Stops

Finest quality, screw in stoppers from the Roll Line mark. all stops have rubber content. Colours natural rubber, coral red, blue or white.


Roll Line artistic toe stops & new pink



Roll Line Pair Professional Artistic Toe Stops - Finest quality, screw in stoppers from Roll Line of Italy. All toe stops have rubber content, stocked in coral red, white, new pink, natural rubber & blue. US Imperial thread now stocked at £24.00 a set. Colours white, natural rubber, new blue & coral red. Similar shape to 'Gumball'.


Diamont crystal wheel nuts


Roll Skater Diamont Crystal locking wheel nuts - Sets of 8 stunning 7mm nylock wheel nuts.

No1 £32.00, In blue or gold set with 5 pink crystals. No2 sold out. No3 sold out.

No4 £39.00, gold set with 5 large and an inner row of smaller lilac crystals. Also in stock blue or violet. No5 £48.00, Large nuts, set with 3 extra large diamont crystals and an outside row of crystals, now in gold. Suitable for artistic, show, derby & free skaters.

From £32.00


Bearings - 16 top quality, 7mm fully shielded skate roller bearings



Bearings - 16 ABEC3, 7mm half shield skate roller bearings



Bearings ABEC 5 - set of 16 full cased bearings - for skates with 8mm axels.


Roll line skate bearings


Bearings Roll Line 'Carbon J' ABEC5 - Back in stock the original Carbon J, 7mm bearings.



Bearings Roll Line 'Speed Race' ABEC9 - The best! 7mm bearings. Steel outer rings, Polymer watertight shield, with a crown cage ring made of self-lubricating material. These are top quality bearings. pictured above left.


Bearings Roll Line 'Speed Max' Mini - A set of 16, ABEC9 rated mini, full precision skate bearings, housed in an alloy case to fit all Roll Line wheels and quad skate frames with 7mm axels. Extensively tested in Italy by A1 hockey players. All endorsed the positive qualities of the bearings for ease of roll and longevity. Well worth a try to get the edge you need! Pictured above right.
Azemad Dash ABEC 9 7mm skate bearings
Bearings Azemad Dash, 7 ball ABEC 9 - A set of 16, ABEC9 7mm full precision skate bearings with 7 balls. The bearings are sealed only on the outside whilst the inside has an ultralight nylon ring to facilitate easier cleaning. Will fit all quad skate frames with 7mm axels. Pictured above. For top professional precision the Azemad Dash bearings are an extremely competitive price!
7mm ABEC9 ceramic skate bearings


Roll Skater 7mm ABEC9 Ceramic skate bearings - New arrival. Set of 16, top quality ceramic ball skate bearings. On sale at a very competitive price


Roll Line BAT Oil - A top quality Roll Line bearing oil, for use after cleaning. One drop per bearing is all you need to give you free wheel roll. Not pictured.



Roll Line bearing press - New Line! 7mm skate wheel bearing press and extractor. A top quality product to fit wheel bearings into the wheel hub. With most new spoked wheels having a very tight bearing fit ensuring smooth skating, it's best to fit the bearing correctly. Can be used on 8mm bearings as well. The end hook pulls all bearings out easily and without damage.


Skate fitting kits

Roll line - Boiani - TVD - Reno - Roller One fixing kit - A set of nuts and screws to attach or refix the skate frame to the boot.


Queen - Skater fixing kit - A set of flat top nuts and screws to attach or refix the skate frame to the boot.


Reno new gipsy bag


Reno - New Players Wheeled bag - The all new medium size players bag has a large rigid base cassette to store boots and wet kit. With additional zippered base storage.The large main upper compartment holds all other equipment with an additional large side pocket for everything else. Colours royal blue, red or black. pictured above. Dimensions 54cm long x 32 wide x 38 depth.


Reno T80-T60 players bags


Reno - T80 and T60 Players wheeled bags - Wheeled bags at unbeatable prices! Both bags benefit from a large central lockable, strong zippered compartment. 2 end pockets, large side pocket and an additional webbing bottle holder, as shown above. The bags also feature a shoulder carry strap. Colour blue/silver/black. T80 dimensions 60 x 30 x 36. T60 junior 50 x 30 x 34. The T60 is ideal for younger players!

T80 £69.00

T60 £65.00 Junior

Reno two stick bag


Reno - 2 Stick Bag - Generous box structured bag for 2 sticks. Available in 7 different colours for ease of identification and embroidered with the multicoloured Reno logo.



6 Stick Bag



12 Stick Bag


Meneghini 10 stick bag


meneghini 12 stick bag - All black with embroidered meneghini logo. A tough lightweight bag for up to 10 hockey sticks.


Meneghini 2 stick bags


meneghini 2 stick bag - Blue, black or red with white piping and an embroidered meneghini logo. A tough lightweight stick bag.


Azemad players 3 stick bag


Azemad players 3 stick flourescent stick bag - New stock, generous stick bags, that hold up to 3 sticks. Colours stocked bright yellow, pink flourescent or black/grey (not shown).


Select from International, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, European and World Championship matches. Call for the latest selection.

From £5.00

meneghini training Bib - Pack of 4 - senior airtex ventilated, round necked training bibs .Each pack contains one colour: Orange or Green. Updated picture to follow.


Traing bib 5 pack


Reno tactics board - Just what coaches have been waiting for! Pictured below a magnetic mini rink laid out with the latest markings both as a full and half size. Size 35 x 50cm open, included a pack of 2 colour magnetic player counters, black ball and wipe clean pen. Plan your moves as the game progresses!

Coach tactics board
Captains Arm Band - Arquer brand, direct from Spain the distinctive arm bands come in red, blue, white, green, yellow or red/yellow Catalan colours as shown below.


Skate Laces - Azemad or Roller One 3 metre laces, various colours in stock.


Assorted roller hockey equipment
Reno Skate Laces - Reno 3 metre laces, various colours in stock, including new fluorescent green, orange or yellow. Shown below. New fluorescent PINK now available, not shown.


Reno skate laces
Stick Grip Tape - Extra Large, black or white 50 metres. Ideal for taping stick handle for extra grip. Picture to follow


Stick Grip Tape - Various colours 25 metres. Ideal for taping stick handle for extra grip. Colours available green, orange, pink and yellow


Stick tape

Reno boot polish - Finding it hard to match your boot colour? Reno now produces a range of leather creme polishes in blue, navy blue, yellow, red and green. Get a jar at £3.00 and start polishing!


Reno boot creme polish
Boot Inner Soles - meneghini or Roller One, all sizes to UK 12 (47) stocked.


Goal Nets - Italian made nets of the highest quality. Set of two nets including back drop net. offered at a new low price.




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Disclaimer: Colours and specifications of products and prices are subject to change and are not neccesarily representative of current stock and pricing
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