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Bassano - Forte

Reno stick lengths

Sticks measured from hook tip to handle top, taken on the outside curve.


Reno junior hockey sticks

Slapshot offers a choice of two 103cms junior sized sticks, approximately 12cms shorter than standard and with a smaller hook. Stick length from floor to handle top 92cms, compared to 103cms for an adult stick

Ideal for the younger player and made to the same specification as all Reno products.


Slapshot Best Seller - This ones for the younger player, Slapshot's best priced top quality junior stick. Selected by Reno exclusively for Slapshot.

A very good quality stick.




World Champion Junior- Made to the same standard as the biggest selling stick in the world today. For the technical player.



Reno hockey sticks


Slapshot - Full size starter stick. Slapshot's lowest priced Reno full size stick. Selected by Reno exclusively for Slapshot. A good quality hockey stick, suitable for all players.



International black - Used extensively in Spain, similar to the 'World Champion' but at a lower price.


Reno hockey sticks


World Champion - Top Quality woods make this one of the most popular sticks on the market today. Ideal for the technical player.



Special - Pictured 2nd from top above. A very strong rigid stick . Long lasting with a wider shaft and heavier weight makes it suitable for the Slap-shooters.



Barca - Pictured 3rd from top above. Made with a first quality Reno hook and an all new standard width handle. Used by F.C. Barcelona players, hence the name 'Barca'. This stick is strong but flexible, lightweight and well worth trying. the top of the handle measures 9.4cm.



Reno Llamp hockey stick

Reno Llamp - A brand new stick for 2023 with a first laminated hook from Reno. The Llamp has a slim 27mm rigid hickory hard wooden handle with a laminated blade hook with a fiberglass cover. Used by Spanish national team players at the 2022 World Skate Games held at San juan, Argentina. Order now as availability limited.

Reno Pedro Gil 2 hockey stick


Reno 'Pedro Gil 2' - The new stick specially made for arguably the World's best player, Pedro Gil of Forte dei Marmi, Italy and the ex captain of Spain. The best quality Reno stick is made from wood with an ash hook and special thinner beech handle of 30mm by 18mm. The stick is both rigid and very resistant. Finished with the Pedro Gil name and very distinctive graphics.    

Reno Marc Torra hockey stick


Reno 'Marc Torra' - standard or slim

The 'Marc Torra' signature sticks have either a standard width handle or a light, rigid slim handle, both with the famous Reno continous blade. The two sticks have superior balance between weight, hardness and touch on the ball. Finished off with black and gold graphics. Made specially for Marc, who plays for Oliveirense of Portugal.


Reno World Champion goal keeper stick

Reno Goal Keepers stick - made from the finest quality woods. A wider stick that is flexible and has a shaped handle for comfort.


Reno Juction Keepers stick - The all new Juction stick from Reno has the latest style short hook with an overall length at 108cm. This allows the keeper a greater reach to clear the ball. New 2 tone blue graphics.



Slapshot Black Strike - Made exclusively for 'Slapshot' by Andrea Azzali of Italy. The 'black strike' is a low priced full size stick. Ideal for the newer player and at a great price.



Slapshot 'flex' Best seller - Made exclusively for 'Slapshot' by Andrea Azzali of Italy. The 'flex' has a laminated blade for extra strength & a flexible shaft, giving the touch & feel competitive players require. A good quality stick at an attractive price.



Slapshot 'ridgid' - Made exclusively for 'Slapshot' by Andrea Azzali of Italy. Made from hickory wood, with a strong laminated blade cover & ridgid shaft. This is the stick for big hitters & sold at a very low price!

Azemad AZ100 hockey sticks


Azemad AZ100 Special - The stick with the unique open angle blade and Laminate hook. The 'Special' has a rigid shaft which makes this a very strong stick for the hardest hitters, not cheap, but long lasting! Different from the 'Strong' model by the slimmer tapered handle



Azemad AZ100 Strong - The stick with the unique open angle blade and Laminate hook. The 'Strong' has a rigid shaft which makes this a very strong stick for the hardest hitters, not cheap, but long lasting!



Azemad Special or Strong - Now available with standard hook.The 'Strong' has a rigid shaft which makes this a very strong stick for the hardest hitters, while the 'Special' has a tapered handle. Not cheap, but long lasting!

Azemad RV66 and Flash FF hockey sticks

Azemad RV66 - The new stick made for Reinaldo Ventura of Portugal and Juventud Viana. The RV 66 has a standard 90 degree curved laminate hook and rigid tapered handle. The hook has a composite coating. RV66 Slim also available.


Azemad Flash Ferran Font - New with a standard 90 degree curved laminate hook and rigid slim dark wood handle. Yellow Flash graphics with the Azemad logo. Designed for Ferran Font of Spain and Sporting Lisbon.

Azemad ROC CN5 hockey stick

Azemad ROC CN5 - Designed especially for Carlos Nicolia 5 of Argentina and Benfica.

The wooden stick features a wider shaft along with a non-coated 90 degree standard curve hook. This gives the stick more sensitivity and touch on the ball. The added blue graphics, makes the ROC a stick well worth trying.


Azemad Brave - The Brave Joao Rodrigues - Is made with a stiff wider 90 degree laminated hook with a standard 90 degree curved laminate hook. The stick is ideal for mid-height level shots as it has a 5cm width on the hook up to the B in Brave, compared to a standard stick of around 4.5cm. Developed for Joao Rodrigues of Portugal and FC Barcelona.




Azemad Compact Plus - A lightweight stick with a little flex in the handle. The 90 degree blade features a wood coating along with the Azemad internal composite reinforcement. The hook allows good ball damping with a sensitive feel. Top of the Azemad range!



Azemad GT and GTXL goalkeeper hockey sticks

Azemad GT10 - Is an ultra light composite reinforced wooden stick.The smaller hook developed by Guillem Trabal tends to decrease the number of involuntary faults. Black/silver.


Azemad GT10 XL - Developed for Guillem Trabal of Spain and Valdagno. The GT10 XL allows the goalkeeper a wider range of play when compared to a standard hockey stick. The shorter hook tends to decrease the number of involuntary errors. Made in an ultra light reinforced wood composite. The XL benefit from a longer overall length at 114cm around the hook or 107cm from the floor than the standard GT10 at 105cm or 99cm. Black/red


Stick tapes


Stick grip tape Extra Large - A huge 50 metre roll of black or white stick tape. Picture to follow



Coloured grip tape large - Various colours 25 metres. Ideal for taping stick handle for extra grip. Colours available green, pink, orange, blue, red and yellow. New grey or blue camouflage grip tape 25 metres at £10.00

Please note: Due to the nature of the sport no sticks are guaranteed

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